Finding the Best Essay Writing Service

What Is the Best Essay Writing Service Right Now?

The life of a student is filled with interesting challenges, social interactions, little victories, and memorable moments. However, there is one aspect of student life that really prevents you from enjoying this time to the fullest, and it’s the endless influx of homework.

Homework is one of the most essential parts of being a student and it is undoubtedly important for your education and development. Still, when you are juggling several important assignments with your basic human needs, job, and free time, you can’t help but look for a way to get help with those assignments.

If you haven’t been living under the bubble for the past decade, you probably know that there is a whole industry dedicated to helping students with their homework — specifically, essays and other written assignments. In fact, this industry is thriving right now and there are hundreds of top essay writing services offering their assistance to struggling students.

But how to tell the best online essay writing services from the ones that are not worthy of your time and money? Not all writing services can be trusted, and with your academic success and reputation at stake, you simply cannot take any risks. That is exactly why we prepared a list of the best writing services online plus a guide on how to find the best writing service that will not disappoint you.

Top 5 Best Essay Writing Services

Over the years, we have investigated and reviewed numerous paper writing companies, and these are the five best writing services we can confidently recommend to our readers.


(Best “Speed/Price/Quality” Combo)

ExtraEssay is an overall fantastic writing service. It hasn’t been around for as long as some other services, which only makes its success record more impressive. If you want your paper to be written on time, by the most competent writers on the internet, and for a reasonable price, ExtraEssay should be your top pick.


(Top Quality Award)

HandMade Writing is hands down the most high-quality writing service we have ever encountered. The company only employs the most knowledgeable and educated writers, which makes the quality of the papers higher than ever. It’s also remarkable how HandMade Writing manages to keep its rates affordable.


(Trusted Native Service in the US)

If you’re a US student, you probably have a whole set of writing and formatting requirements that need to be followed in every written assignment. That is why you need a writing service that specializes in helping US-based students, and that is exactly what you’ll get with EssayUSA, one of the best essay websites in the US.


(Best Fast Service)

Need your essay to be written as soon as possible? You can count on WriteMyEssayToday for that! As you can get from the name, this service is a pro with urgent orders and can complete your assignment in as little as 6 hours without compromising the quality and integrity of the paper.


(Best in Australia)

Australian students deal with their own share of requirements and guidelines, so you need an essay writer who definitely knows what he’s doing. EssayRoo employs strictly Australian writers who know exactly how to make a paper for any Australian school truly shine.

How We Pick the Best Paper Writing Service

With hundreds of services claiming to be the best essay writing website in the business, finding the truly great ones is not easy. In our relentless quest to bring you the only the best essay writing options, we use the following criteria:

  • Competent writers

The writing team is the backbone of any respectable essay writing service. The experience and qualifications of the writers directly affect the quality of the papers. That is why a good writing service should employ writers with sufficient credentials, a perfect English, and a true talent for writing. It’s even better when the writers are native speakers — then you can expect an even better quality of writing.

  • Range of services

When an essay writing service specializes only in one or two types of written assignments, it demonstrates that its writers don’t have any academic range. A reliable writing service offers dozens of types of school assignments in all common disciplines and can be considered a one-stop-shop for all of your academic writing needs.

  • Guarantees

When ordering from an essay service, you should expect things to go over smoothly. However, in case something doesn’t go according to plan, the service should offer you at least some guarantees. The most popular guarantees are free revisions and money back guarantee, so when you see those mentioned on the website, you know you’re dealing with the best paper writing service.

  • Reviews

A good essay writing service that has been in the business for several years should have hundreds, if not thousands of satisfied customers who are willing to share their experience with the others. When evaluating a top essay writing service, we always look at the reviews of the company, both on its own website and on the third-party sources.

What Is Provided by the Best Essay Writing Service?

Obviously, the most important thing you should expect from the best essay writing service is a beautifully written paper that includes all of your initial requirements. But what else can you expect from a trustworthy paper writing website?

  • Reasonable prices

Writing an essay from scratch is not a service that can be particularly cheap, but it also shouldn’t be overpriced. In order to attract and retain the customers, a writing service needs to offer affordable prices.

  • Discounts and bonuses

To make your experience of ordering a paper even more positive, a writing service can offer discounts and bonuses from time to time. Whether it’s a discount for first-time customers or a bonus for loyal clients, it allows you to save money on a great service.

  • Urgent orders

It can take a while to write a solid paper, but sometimes you need an essay within the shortest time possible. Some writing services can complete your assignment in as little as 3 or 6 hours, so you can place your order in the morning and receive a custom essay in the afternoon.

  • Customer support

Even if it’s not your first time ordering the paper, you can still have lots of questions at every stage of the essay writing process. The writing service should provide 24/7 communication with the customer support team, but it’s even better when you can communicate directly with the writer.

  • Freebies

At some of the best essay writing services, you can get certain parts of your assignment done for free. When you get the title page, bibliography, abstract, and other pages of your paper absolutely for free, it really adds to your already amazing experience.

Fighting the Scam

Even though we would want the essay writing market to be civilized and fair, there are still numerous writing services that only want to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. The consequences of using those services can vary from simply getting a low-quality paper that you cannot submit as your own to losing your money and not getting anything in return.

The problem with those scamming services is that it’s not always easy to tell whether a writing service is good or bad. However, there are a few criteria that we use to evaluate the reliability and authenticity of a service:

  1. Fake reviews. In an attempt to build a strong reputation online for themselves, some writing services create their own reviews and post them on their websites. Those reviews usually look very generic and don’t contain any information about the order.
  2. Low prices. Different essay writing services offer different prices, but they still need to be somewhere near the average rates on the market. If a writing service advertises incredibly low prices, then, at the very best, the quality of the paper will be equally low.
  3. No contact information. A reputable writing company always publishes its contact details on the website. You can find their official email and phone number in addition to the online chat. Some services even publish their address, which makes them look even more reliable.

Wrap Up

The academic writing industry has helped thousands of students achieve better grades and manage their time more efficiently. However, not all writing services are created equal, and many of them don’t have your best interest at heart.

Our goal is to bring you the best essay writing services who offer an outstanding quality of work and have everything it takes to help you succeed in your studies. Every day we analyze and test numerous paper writing websites, but only the best of them make it into our ratings. With our lists and recommendations, you will easily find the best essay writing service for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the best essay writing service?

To try and find the best essay writing service, you can ask your friends for advice or check out online boards with discussions about the most reliable writing services. However, the most effective way to discover a writing service that will fit your requirements is to study our ratings and guides.

Are essay writing services legal?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing illegal about writing services. They don’t interfere with your grades and simply provide an efficient solution to help you understand the subject better and save time on writing the assignment.

Are essay writing services online reliable?

As long as you work with a reputable essay writing service, you should feel absolutely confident in your experience — your order will be delivered exactly when you need it and you won’t lose your time or money.

Does paying for essays work?

Yes, even leaving aside the obvious benefits of ordering an essay online, you also get valuable insight into how to write outstanding papers. You will see how the essay should be properly formatted and will be able to do a better job with your next assignments.

Is writing papers for money illegal?

No, it is 100% legal. The writing services don’t sell you good grades or ready-made assignments — they provide you with a valuable lesson on how to write essays like a pro. Plus, those papers are absolutely original and will never get you in trouble.

Is it safe to buy essay online?

Yes, as long as your writing service of choice is a reliable one, your private and financial data will stay intact and will never get into the wrong hands. You can also stay as anonymous as you want and not disclose any of your personal information.

What is the best essay writing service?

There is a perfect essay writing service for every student. Whether you need a cheap service, a service that can accommodate the tightest deadline, or a service with the biggest range of services and subjects, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our lists.

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