StudyBay Review 2020 – Is This Writing Website Worth Your Attention?

Features of The Appearance and Design of StudyBay Writing Service

The design of StudyBay seems to be OK, compared to other websites of the same sphere. It does not irritate an eye with flashing colors or banners. The color scheme of the site includes light blue, white, and green for some links and buttons. On the main page, you will find every critical piece of information. However, you’ll need to scroll down the page to see all the missing links.


Without it, you will never know that a company has a blog, an encyclopedia of quotes and famous people, and sample papers. Many websites suffer from this problem, yet it is still a bit confusing. Especially when you need to surf the desktop version of the site on the phone or tablet. 

By the way, the website is optimized for the different screen widths. It is pleasant to surf it on the phone. The service has a mobile application as well. The company doesn’t try to hide their support department. Even an unregistered user will get a notification to visit online chat in seconds of being on the site. There are links and suggestions to do it which is located on the main page as well. In general, an average user will not feel problems with the design: everything is clear but a bit dull. Maybe, a couple of pictures in the blog posts or on the main pages of the site would make the situation better. 

Writers’ Info

The website provides different information about its writers. To find it, you need to find a specific link called ‘Writers rating’ on the bottom of the main page, as the button ‘Our experts’ is literally useless and leads to the main page section. The rating page gives you a list of the best writers working for the StudyBay service. You can choose from different spheres and read the bio of an author in the profile. Also, you can hire a writer you like directly by clicking a corresponding button in his or her profile.


The company claims that about 27900 experts have been working for it for nine years. It says that a client can communicate with an expert directly during order processing. It is an advantage, as it saves a lot of time and allows you not to use the support department as a mediator. 

According to the customers’ reviews placed on different feedback services, writers of StudyBay do their job well. In most cases, negative opinions concern StudyBay cost, but even they appreciate the professionalism of local experts. You can check it by yourself, as the service is not afraid of placing its ratios given by the independent services.


What Can StudyBay Do for You – Main Services of The Site

The website specializes in academic paper writing. One can observe the services by finding the Links section on the site’s pages. There, you will find a list of academic paper types a website works with. Hitting each link will redirect you to the Price Calculator page.


There, you can read a short introduction to the selected paper type. If it is possible, you will find links to the samples of this paper. Use the calculator to start placing your order by choosing a paper type and a deadline. 

As for the other remarkable services, StudyBay is a CV builder as well. At least, it claims to be, as you will not find anything concerning resumes or CVs in the order form. Consult a support manager first before placing such an order. 

The free sample papers, a blog, quotes, and bios have been already mentioned. Also, a website claims that the staff can complete any kind of assignment. It gives an explanation in the separate section called ‘Homework help’. 

To sum up, the primary diversification of the service will happen on the project page.


There, you will attach your instructions and explain to writers what needs to be done. This StudyBay review won’t dwell on any extravagant features and services the other websites provide (free plagiarism or grammar check, detailed ordering). However, it does not matter for an experienced user of similar sites. If you haven’t faced writing services before, keep the support chat by hand. 

Ways of Making Payments On the Site

On the main page, you will notice the labels of Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Payoneer. In fact, you need to check your profile to see the available payment methods. To do it, log in and hit the portrait button in the upper right corner. Select the option ‘Balance’ and a button ‘Add funds’ to proceed to the payment page.


At the moment, there are three options available: Visa/MasterCard debit or credit cards, PayPal account, and Maestro debit card. There are no electronic wallets, blockchain currencies, bank transfers, or local payment systems. It is a pity, as the other writing websites provide customers with a more flexible payment system. However, the existing methods are secure and legit. Plus, the system protects customers’ money – it preserves money to be paid for the order until the customer confirms that it is done well. 

Consider that there are fees for every money transfer operation. For depositing $100, you will pay from $5.97 to $8.44, depending on the payment method. Unfortunately, there is no option to accept other currencies, so you might deal with the currency exchange in your bank. In general, the payment methods of the website are not exciting, compared to other similar sites. This can be called one of the weakest features of StudyBay.

Pricing Policies at StudyBay

Another disappointing factor of cooperation with StudyBay is its prices. At least, all the negative or neutral StudyBay reviews mention that prices could be lower. You will meet the words “greedy” and “high” frequently. On the website’s main page, you can meet the information about prices depending on the type of paper and a deadline. In the table, you will learn that it will cost you $8 for a page to get an essay within 4 hours and $3 to get a dissertation within three weeks. 


The reality does not correlate with this info, though. For instance, it does not matter if you need an essay written within 4 hours or within five days. The bids authors suggest you start from $12.5 per page. The lowest price for a 100-page dissertation written in a month is $535, which makes $ 5.35 per one page. Both times, the prices turned out higher than the estimated cost provided by the service. It does not mean that we are facing StudyBay cheating though. Probably, the owners have not updated the information yet, or resort to a marketing trick to get new customers. It is not clear what factors affect the price. It stays the same if a client changes a paper type or a deadline for one-two days. There is no mention of the quality of the papers as well.

What Are Delivery Time and Deadlines For a Customer at StudyBay?

Technically, clients can choose all kinds of deadlines they want. There is no classical scheme of the deadline choice on this site when a client can choose from different periods of time (4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, two days, week, etc.). At StudyBay, a client selects an exact date from a calendar plugin on the page of the project details.


The smallest deadline is one hour. However, in this case, a website will probably state that you have chosen a too strict timing, offering you to pay an additional $5 to find more project bids. The most extended deadline can reach up to eight months (and even the maximal period for a 2-page essay could not make it cheaper than $12.5). Remember that, like on the other websites, the countdown starts after you pay the first part (around 30% of the full sum) of the project’s price. 

Hopefully, you have your money on the StudyBay account prepared beforehand, so you do not have to wait for the website’s payment confirmation. To sum up, it is recommended to play with the deadlines and project details before making a real order. The principles of price building and deadline management are not quite clear. 

What Are Revision and Refund Principles at StudyBay?

First of all, it is not difficult to find information about revisions and refunds. You can find a link to StudyBay trustworthy help center at the bottom of the main page. It has many articles and instructions both for customers and freelance writers working for the service. There are two articles devoted to revisions and refunds correspondingly. studybay


The revision policy is very similar to other typical writing services: a customer has 20 days (it is at least twice more than the majority of other sites offer) of the paper warranty. Within this period, free revisions are possible. Revisions and refunds can be requested from the ‘My orders’ section of the customer’s profile. The deadline for the order affects the revision time: it will be 24 hours with a deadline less or exactly two days and three days if the deadlines are three days or more. 

If a customer does not get a revised document in time, he gets a right for a full refund. You can request it within the same period of 20 days. There is a diversification of the refund sums (full or partial), which depends on the different mistakes committed by a writer. You will find a detailed explanation on the corresponding page. Everything seems to be legit. 

Remember that you will get your money to your personal StudyBay account. To withdraw a sum to your card, you need to have more than $10 on it. 

Customer Support

The customer support department of the website is well trained. There is an already mentioned help center where all the common questions are covered. Also, there is a FAQ section that helps as well. You can reach a manager via three primary means of communication: phone call, email message, and online chat. The only disadvantage of the service is that support does not work 24/7. Its operation time starts at 10 am and ends at 8 pm. It does not stop you from writing a message in an online chat though. You will get an email notification when you get an answer. When managers work, they give quick, accurate, and detailed answers to all the questions. Direct communication with the writer makes using support not a necessary measure at StudyBay.

Main Pros and Cons of StudyBay


  • Good support management.
  • Excellent quality of writing according to the majority of independent reviews.
  • A lot of free samples and blog posts.
  • Smooth and swift registration and ordering process. 
  • Direct communication with a writer.
  • Ability to hire a preferred writer. 
  • Good personal information protection.
  • A clear policy of cooperation with a customer. 
  • Good cross-platform optimization and an application.


  • The order form does not contain all the services a site suggests, so one cannot avoid long dialogs and explanations with a writer. 
  • Odd and unclear pricing policy.
  • Actual prices are higher than given on the site. 
  • A small number of payment methods without currency diversification.
  • Questionable system of writers’ bids. 
  • Absence of 27/7 support department. 
  • A bit overloaded and complicated design with some useless buttons and links. 


So, does StudyBay deserve your attention as a customer of academic writing services? If you cannot decide if StudyBay is fake or not, there is an answer: it is not. StudyBay is an excellent educational website, especially if your main goal is paper quality, not a budget. The company’s staff delivers good papers and ensures quality. Everything shows that a company tries to become better every day. Yes, it is not perfect right now. However, it definitely deserves your try. 


What is StudyBay?

It is a website that offers academic writing help and custom tasks to students. 

Is StudyBay legit?

StudyBay is legit when it comes to the legal section. The website works with trustworthy payment systems. It has a massive database of independent reviews too. 

How much does StudyBay cost?

Registration and membership on the site are free. Order prices depend on the number of pages and the complexity of papers. 

Is StudyBay scam?

Usually, all the StudyBay scam accusations concern refunds. Read the corresponding page in the help center before you place an order. There is no other evidence of the website being a scam. 

Is StudyBay safe?

Yes, it uses both anti-spy and billing protection. It requires minimal personal information for registration. It works with trustworthy payment systems. 

Is StudyBay plagiarism-free?

Yes. One of the guarantees of the site concerns the absence of plagiarism. Also, plagiarism is one of the reasons for the full refund. 

Are there StudyBay discounts?

A customer can apply promo code to each order. Also, there is a $5 discount for every new customer.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support